Pedders TrakRyder Foam Cell shock absorbers are engineered to virtually eliminate shock fade by allowing full oil contact with both the inner and outer housings, by the way of a Cellular Foam Membrane. This provides larger cooling areas to improve shock performance and durability.

Mazda BT50 4WD 2011-2015 UP
Mazda BT50 2WD Hi-Rise 2011-2015 UP
Mazda BT50 2WD Hi-Rise 2015-Onward UR
Mazda BT50 4WD 2015-Onward UR
Ford Ranger 4WD 2011-2015 PX
Ford Ranger 4WD 2015-6/2018 PX MkII
Ford Ranger 2WD Hi-Rise 2011-2015 PX
Ford Ranger 2WD Hi-Rise 2015-6/2018 PX MkII

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