Mainly used in front wheel drive and all-wheel drive cars, CV (Constant Velocity) joints allow a rotating shaft to transmit power through a variable angle, at a constant rotational velocity, without an appreciable increase in friction or play. Rear wheel drive cars with independent rear suspension may also use CV joints at the ends of the rear axle half shafts.

Ford Capri 1989-1993, SA & SC
Ford Capri 1993-1994, SE
Ford Festiva 1991-On WA - WF Hatch
Kia Rio 2000-2005 Vin No KNADC24
Mazda Metro 1996-2002 DW
Mazda 323, Incl Protege & Astina 1980-1985 BD10
Mazda 323, Incl Protege & Astina 1985-1989 BF10
Ford Laser 1981-1985, KA & KB Hatch
Ford Meteor 1981-1985, GA & GB Sedan
Ford Meteor 1985-1987, GC Sedan
Ford Meteor 1985-1987, GC Wagon
Ford Laser 1987-1990 KE Sedan,Hatch,Excl 4WD
Ford Laser 1985-1987, KC Hatch
Mazda 323, Incl Protege & Astina 1986-1997 BW12
Mazda 121 & 121L 1987-1997 DA & DB
Ford Laser 1987-1990 KE To 1995 Wagon (Inc KE2)
Mazda 121 & 121L 1996-2002 DW Metro

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