When a vehicle is fitted with leaf springs, they are mounted to the chassis using a fixed pin(usually at the front) and a swinging shackle (usually fitted to the rear of the spring). As the vehicle traverses over uneven road surfaces, the leaf spring flexes. The leaf spring is designed with an amount of camber, this is the arc of the spring. When the spring moves upwards it has a tendency to flatten out and inturn, this will increase its length, to allow for this a swinging shackle is fitted.

Toyota Hilux 4WD 2005-2015 GGN25, KUN26 2010-10/2015 GGN25, KUN26
Toyota Hilux 4WD 2005-2015 GGN25, KUN26 2005-2010 GGN25, KUN25, KUN26
Foton Tunland 2012-2015 P201

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