The market research undertaken by Pedders, suggests that when accessories such as, bull bar, winch, extra driving lamps or a dual battery system are fitted to the front of a vehicle, the ride height can decrease up to 40mm. These accessories also can add as much as 100 to 150kg to the front axle weight and the standard torsion bars are not designed to carry this extra load.
Mazda BT50 4WD 2006-2011 UN
Ford Ranger Kits 2006-2011 2 Expedition Kit
Mazda BT50 2WD Hi-Rise 2006-2011 UN
Ford Ranger 4WD 2006-2009 PJ
Ford Ranger 4WD 2009-2011 PK
Ford Ranger 2WD Hi-Rise 2006-2009 PJ
Ford Ranger 2WD Hi-Rise 2009-2011 PK

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