The power steering pump transfers power steering fluid under pressure to other power steering system components, allowing the driver to steer with minimal effort. But when a power steering pump fails, it can greatly affect the handling of the vehicle and also causes a significant safety issue,as a vehicle which loses power assist whilst driving can cause the driver to lose full control of the steering.
Toyota Hilux 2WD 1988-1997, LN/RN/YN85/86/90R LN85R, LN86R & RN85R
Toyota Hilux 4WD 1988-97 RN105, LN106 Leaf Front & Rear
Toyota Hilux 4WD 1988-97 LN/YN107-111,RN106-110 .IFS Front, Leaf Rear
Toyota Hilux 2WD 1988-1997, LN/RN/YN85/86/90R RN90R

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