Control arms are an important structural part of the vehicle’s front suspension, attaching the wheel hub and steering knuckle assembly to the vehicle’s frame.\n\nMany vehicles can go through their entire life without ever having a control arm replaced. However, some situations necessitate the control arm’s replacement. A few examples of this are:\n\nVehicle Accident\nVehicle is in a accident, resulting in damaged and bent control arms. \n\nWorn Ball Joint\nBall joint (if applicable) may be permanently pressed into control arm, making it impossible to replace the ball joint without replacing the control arm.\n\nWorn Bushings\nBushings where the control arm is attached to the frame are necessary to allow the wheel to move up and down as it travels across bumps and dips in the road.
Mitsubishi Mirage 1996-2003 CE
Mitsubishi Lancer 1996-2003 CE Sedan & Hatch

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